House painter, Publicity painter, Artistic painter, Master housepainter,.. During the last 25 years i passed all stages. These experiences gave me the advantage to create. I'm allways intrigued to give spectators a certain illusion. On the way i noticed that creation alone isn't enough, we also need to discover and comprehend the material we want to paint or immitate.

On demand or on proposal i made things in the most differing styles. These days i have a preference of alternative art wich can be nested in Eclectic or modern environements. Rusty iron, corroded concrete or driftwood are a source of inspiration. The rough appearance of my actual pieces needs the contrast of smoothly refined walls.

An artwork needs to tell a story or have to challenge the spectators. With this in mind i started this journey...

With kind regards, Sven De Wever (alias ARNO)